Housing Opportunities

IMMINENT Housing and Income Opportunity


I will provide free housing, including utilities, plus a monthly stipend of $600+, to a Covenant Theological Seminary student, or relation, in a University City, MO apartment in exchange for being a roommate. I am a male with a spinal cord injury, and as such, I need a roommate that would be available should I need something at night.


This opportunity could add up to a $1,100 per month, or more, of compensation depending upon your current rent cost per month. This apartment is very near the U City Loop. Within a very short walking distance are the post office, U City library, Washington University, grocery store and dozens of restaurants, as well as Forest Park. Public transportation to Covenant is an option from this location.


If desired this opportunity may begin immediately depending upon your situation. If you need flexibility on a switch over date, such as regarding existing housing rental contracts, let me know, and we can discuss the situation.


The requirement of this opportunity is that a roommate sleep in a separate area but be available at night if I would need something, which is infrequent. The so-called “shift” times of responsibility are from 10p-7a. Certainly there are times that it can be later than 10p, as well as out of town times. I have been blessed with other seminary students in the past, and there is ample time to get to class at Covenant.


I am seeking a minimum of a six month commitment, but If desired by you this could be longer, a year or more. Interested individuals can call or email with any questions to better understand the situation. Thank you!


Gregory Franzen