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Associate Pastor-Spanish Language Ministries

Religious | Evangelical Covenant Order (ECO)

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
11612 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77024



Posted: Jun 18, 2022

Application Deadline: Jul 31, 2022


The Associate Pastor for Hispanic Ministries will direct, design, and supervise the various ministries, programs, staff, and lay leadership related to the Spanish-Language Ministries of MDPC. This will include leadership, guidance, and resources for both staff and lay members of each of these ministry areas.

·        Lead and coordinate Worship for Iglesia Fuente De Esperanza.

v Work closely with the Fuente Staff in administering a seamless process of welcoming and helping visitors and new members find a nurturing place in worship and programming;

v Conduct general ministries such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, counseling, visitation in homes/hospitals

·        Lead and coordinate educational opportunities, as well as develop new opportunities for spiritual growth and development.

v Provide leadership, coordination, and oversight to various programs of the Fuente Ministry, such as Food Pantry, English Class, Bible Studies, Summer Soccer Camp;

v Supervise and coordinate the staff of Fuente Ministries; evaluate ministry programs, supervise and evaluate staff.

·        Utilization of Volunteers – primary responsibility for defining volunteer roles, and oversight of those who select, train, and provide work direction for volunteers

v Provide leadership in recruiting, training, mobilizing, and deploying volunteers in ministry;

v Work directly with staff to provide leadership for the volunteer leaders in the development of worship, programs, and classes for spiritual growth and development;

v Direct impact on approximately 75 volunteers

·        Financial Accountability (not including payroll)

v In collaboration with Fuente Staff, maintains receipts and expenditures of the ministry area

v Level of responsibility – direct impact – direct responsibility for the preparation and management of the Fuente budget (entire Ministry area represents Leadership ability, humility, and a spirit of partnership and teamwork

·        Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff or as applicable to the position.

Salary: $60K-$89K



·        Minimum of a Master of Divinity Degree

·        Ordained (or ordainable) ECO Pastor (Minister of Word and Sacrament)

·        Fluently bilingual in Spanish/English

·        Minimum of five years’ experience in parish ministry

·        Proven ability to develop and administer a successful ministry area in a large, multi-staff church

·        Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

·        Good preacher: excellent command of public speaking.

·        A holy curiosity for the work of God in and through a diversity of cultures and countries of origin.

  • Multicultural: Deep knowledge of the Hispanic community in the United States, including an understanding of the issues and challenges faced by the community. Good mediator; able to build bridges between cultures (both within sub-cultures in the Hispanic community, and between Hispanic and non-Hispanic members of the church).

·        Ability to work with volunteers; willingness and eagerness to delegate wisely

·        A empathetic heart and a pastoral schedule in which to respond in a timely way to crisis situations

  • In tune with the community, and able to connect with younger members
  • Entrepreneurial, flexible, adaptable, familiarity with social media and technology.


Expectations of All MDPC Employees:

·        A personal and growing commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord;

·        A commitment to the authority of Scripture and to a lifestyle of Christian holiness;

·        A willingness to work within the framework of MDPC’s polity and procedures;

·        A willing heart, teachable spirit, and positive attitude;

·        A team ministry commitment which places the good of the whole over individual goals;

·        An appreciation for working collaboratively with staff and church members;

·        A professional approach and appearance;

·        Integrity, humility, flexibility, and a sense of humor;

·        A passion for excellence for the glory of God.

How to Apply

Primary Contact: Beth Case


Phone: 7134909545