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Student Pastor

Religious | Presbyterian Church in America

Riveroaks Reformed Presbyterian Church
1665 South Germantown Road
Germantown, TN 38138



Posted: Apr 13, 2023

Application Deadline: Aug 10, 2023


Objective: To pastorally serve RRPC, with a particular focus on nurturing family and student ministry. The goal of this particular focus is to see students and families glorify and enjoy God more fully through rejoicing in God’s worship, re-centering on God’s Word, prizing one another in community, and calling the world to the love of Christ realized.


  1. Basic EXPECTATIONS—what we bring to our work:
  2. Faithfulness to live in terms of vows 1-7 of BCO 21-5, out of a maturing love for Jesus and his beautiful bride
  3. Family leadership that provides a reliable example to the rest of the flock of what it means to live in faithfulness to the church membership vows
  4. Pursuit of the kind of excellence envisioned in Horst Schulze’s, Excellence Wins: A No-Nonsense Guide to Becoming the Best in a World of Compromise, characterized by:
  5. Setting and maintaining high standards for dependability and reliability in matters of personal organization and calendar-keeping and communication-responsiveness (emails, texts, calls, etc.):
  6. Placing high value on a healthy staff dynamic (participating in regular and special meetings, encouraging presence, readiness to serve, healthy communication practices, engaging actively with assigned readings, etc.);
  7. Demonstrating willingness to engage fully and fruitfully in evaluations and reviews reflecting an eagerness to improve and grow;
  8. Committing to hearty presence at all worship services and other appropriate church events; and
  9. Assuming a general sense of responsibility for all aspects of the church facility, both inside and outside.

  1. General, Shared Responsibilities—what we do together:
  2. Joyful participation in the shepherding of Jesus’ flock at RRPC—knowing, feeding, leading, and protecting, as described in Timothy Witmer’s, The Shepherd Leader
  3. Joyful participation in the welcoming and assimilation of guests and newcomers, with the same heart with which we shepherd our members
  4. Joyful participation in all other pastoral duties, as requested (preaching, teaching, worship leadership, leading other types of services, leading meetings, submitting staff reports, helping with many things, such as: the newsletter, mercy ministry, administrative tasks, special events, leadership development, neighborhood outreach, etc.)

  1. Focal, Specific Responsibilities—this position’s PARTICULAR contribution:
  2. RSM Oversight and Development
  3. Develop Vision
  4. Define, articulate, and implement the vision for ministry to students and families at RRPC
  5. Educate parents, volunteers, and students in this vision
  6. Pastor Students
  7. Faithful Biblical and theological and practical discipleship
  8. Faithful investment in pastoral relationships
  9. Faithful labors to integrate students into the larger worship, discipleship, community, and mission of the church
  10. Partner with Parents
  11. Equipping parents in the work of spiritually leading their children
  12. Enlisting faithful parents in the work of caring for all the students of the church
  13. Partnering with other church leaders for the spiritual formation of parents
  14. Nurture Volunteers
  15. Enlisting volunteers in the work of student ministry
  16. Equipping volunteers in the work of student ministry
  17. Providing relational pastoral care for these volunteers
  18. Grow the Student Ministry Missionally
  19. Endeavor to understand the needs of students and children outside of the church
  20. Extend our ministry initiatives to engage those students and their families

Salary: $30K-$59K





Public Speaking

Good interpersonal skills

How to Apply

Primary Contact: Drew Turberville


Phone: 9015706055

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