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Posted: Mar 26, 2024

Application Deadline: May 31, 2024


Position Overview

COACHES HONOR is looking for an Executive Director who is a reformed, gospel-centered leader with ministry experience, who feels called to care for people well and lead Bible studies, while providing strategic direction and leadership to the ministry. COACHES HONOR has had the same founders and leadership since the inception 33 years ago. There is a robust and caring community of supporters here in Jacksonville and the leadership is looking to pass the baton to someone who can lead us into our next season of ministry. You will be supported by an engaged board and staff including an administrative manager, bible study leaders, and event coordinator.

Salary: >=$90K


You could be a great fit if you:

•      Have a deep understanding of the centrality of the gospel that offers grace to both sinners and saints

•      Played a leadership role in a ministry or non-profit

•      Led fundraising initiatives, led or supported strategic planning and execution

•      Worked in a pastoral function such as leading small groups or relational discipleship

•      Have a strong personal prayer life demonstrated by personal habits of prayer

•      Collaborate in a positive, friendly, and professional manner with all employees

How to Apply

Who We Are

The greatest influences in our schools today are the men and women with the title "Coach." They are a focal point on any campus. Coaches are role models for hundreds of kids each day. Thus, these men and women are the mission of the COACHES HONOR ministry.


Founded in 1991, the ministry has grown to encompass more than just coaches. We have vibrant and thriving Bible Studies for men and women who may not be called "Coach," but still have great influence in their homes, businesses and communities. The “nuts and bolts” of COACHES HONOR are the various Bible studies throughout Northeast Florida. As the gospel is proclaimed boldly, hearts are being mended, relationships are growing in depth and in number. Thus, there is much contact work that is a vital part of the growth of this ministry that includes approximately 200 men and women involved at some level. We also have an annual Women’s Weekend in February and a Marriage Weekend in July. These events are some of the highlights of our ministry calendar. The heartbeat of every COACHES HONOR event is to share the truth, goodness and beauty of Jesus Christ with anyone and everyone. We are excited about the continued opportunities to give the Good News away on and off the school campus.

Process of Candidacy


Please provide the following documents and responses for review:  

  • A current resume
  • Responses to the following questions in hiring application and resume upload – click here


After completion of the hiring application, our search committee will be in touch with you. If you have any questions, please email


The search will be conducted in a very thoughtful, thorough, and consistent manner, with a conscious effort to preserve the confidentiality of all candidate information. The search committee is committed to offering each potential candidate the same consideration throughout the selection process.

Primary Contact: Theo Harnage


Phone: 9042088334

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