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Global Outreach Director/Pastor

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Church of the Saviour
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Posted: Apr 2, 2024

Application Deadline: Jun 30, 2024


·     Does your heart pulsate with passion for world evangelization?

·     Would you love implementing a vision that is worth dying for?

·     Do you long to lead in a church that has a dynamic mission and vision for missions?

·     Are you distressed when people define all gospel work and service as missions?

·     Might you be the change-agent we have been praying for? If so, please read on…



Recently the elders of Church of the Saviour commissioned a process for refreshing, renewing, and refining its missions plan. With a long history of missions, Church of the Saviour had a strong foundation on which to anchor this next frontier in its forty-plus years of participating in the Great Commission.

The main tenants of our missions plan are: unreached people groups (UPG) living in the 10/40 window; diaspora UPGs that are living in our back yard; and “the great imbalance”, where less 1.7% of missions giving goes to work among Unreached Peoples.

In developing our plan we began with an examination of the first missionary-sending church at Antioch (Acts 13), revealing a church that was God-passionate; had leaders that were actively engaged; possessed a biblical understanding of missions; was intentional in sending; had a congregation that was fully engaged; and risk was prayerfully embraced. We concluded from our examination that the church at Antioch provided a good model for any church that was serious about missions.


The Values of Missions at Church of the Saviour


·     God-centered: Jesus’ glory is our primary motivation for making disciples of all nations. 

·     Prayer-dependent: Reliance on prayer is foundational and unleashes seismic spiritual power.

·     Joyfully-surrendered: Jesus’ lavish grace empowers us to risk all and give all to His kingdom priority.

·     Intentionally-focused: Commitment to God's distinctive plan to achieve deep and lasting impact, prioritizing those outside the reach of the gospel.

·     Fully-engaged: Everyone collectively participates in God’s Kingdom plan for Church of the Saviour in Wayne & beyond.

·     Collaboration-oriented – We are better, stronger, and smarter when strategically working together with other like-minded Kingdom partners to reach the least reached.

The Mission of Missions at Church of the Saviour


We exist to summon the nations, through holistic discipleship, to worship the one true God with us.


  • Summon: The gospel is a royal proclamation calling forth the specific action of worship.
  • The Nations: Not a geographic or geo-political boundary—it is all the different ethno-linguistic people groups in the world.
  • Holistic Discipleship: Discipling the whole person, not just as a cognitive exercise, but in how the gospel penetrates and changes our entire life, identity, and teleological trajectory; compassionately proclaiming the gospel in word and demonstrating it in deeds.
  • Worship: The proper delightful response of all to Jesus Christ by ascribing to Him all honor and glory. Worship manifests itself in all our living because our relationship with our Redeemer-God has been restored and this unleashes a Spirit-empowered love for our fellow image-bearers and co-worshipers.
  • With Us: We are inviting others to join us in worshiping God, so we can kneel side-by-side in humble awe of our crucified and risen Savior.

The Vision of Missions at Church of the Saviour

What Church of the Saviour will look like in 5+ years…


A congregation that is “all-in” for reaching unreached people groups. What we mean by “all-in” is…

  • Availability: Here am I, send me.
  • Generosity: Lavishly investing in the Kingdom of God (both corporately and individually).
  • Hospitality: Reciprocal friendships with diaspora from unreached people groups.
  • Intentionality: Praying, learning, mobilizing, pursuing.

We will be so riveted by God’s mission and His glory that our global passion and commitment is fully realized by reaching the unreached diaspora people groups in Wayne and the surrounding communities with an unbridled ambition to see all peoples worshiping Jesus for who He is and what He has done.

We will be a church filled with longing to be used by God to reach two specific least-reached people groups globally through prayer-born, Spirit-led and empowered plans that transform broken relationships, engage biblical injustices, meet real needs, heal real hurts, and bring forgiveness and reconciliation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

We will have a church discipleship process that is so ingrained with “of all nations” that it shapes everything we do from the cradle to the grave.

Next Steps

The director/pastor of missions will lead Church of the Saviour through the four phases of executing the values, mission, and vision for the Global Outreach Ministry.

Phase 1: Build a Cohesive Leadership Team: Partner with the Missions Task Force Team to effectively implement the values, mission, and vision of Global Outreach at Church of the Saviour.

Phase 2: Create Clarity: Provide the leadership needed to identify where God is already at work and where Church of the Saviour can join Him to evangelize UPGs, both here and within the 10/40 window.

Phase 3: Develop Leaders: Develop volunteer leaders and sub-teams required to mobilize, pray, welcome, send and go.

Phase 4: Mobilize the Church: Communicate the vision in a way that creates a God-passionate heart for missions within the congregation.

If this position summary excites you and you sense a nudge from the Holy Spirit, please send a cover letter and resume to We look forward to exploring a ministry relationship with you! You are being prayed for by our Missions Task Force Team!

Salary: $30K-$59K


Please see above.

How to Apply

Primary Contact: Church Saviour


Phone: 6106886338

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