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Next Generation Director - English Track

Religious | Nondenominational

Chinese Christian Church and Center
225 N 10th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107



Posted: Apr 16, 2024

Application Deadline: Sep 1, 2024


Overall Responsibilities:

Provide leadership and care to English-speaking children and youth.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Develop or source curricular materials for children and youth ministries.

2. Lead children and youth programs at our Vine Campus that incorporate fellowship,

worship, biblical teaching, and mission opportunities, and communicate with parents.

3. Oversee children ministry and establish the youth group at our NE church plant, in

conjunction with Cantonese Speaking Ministry (CSM) pastors.

4. Reach out to unchurched youths in the community including PUMP summer camp, by

engaging them with the gospel, and involving them in the life and work of the church.

5. Develop discipleship relationships with youth.

6. Provide pastoral care and counseling to children, youth, and their parents (where


7. Recruit, train, and support teachers and helpers in the children and youth ministries.

8. Participate in regular meetings with the English Speaking Ministry Team (ESMT).

9. Strategize with the Ministerial Staff (MS) Team and other church leaders on how to

engage children and youth.

10. Willingness to work with other pastors, Center Director, leaders and leadership teams

(including those from other language speaking ministries) of the church and a

commitment to the Center community outreach ministries.

11. Attend MS weekly prayer meetings and MS team meetings, Council meetings, church

wide activities and meetings that require the presence of MS.

Salary: $30K-$59K


Qualifications and Experience

1. An individual who has a genuine, biblically-based conversion experience and assurance

of salvation, and a calling to serve the Lord in a full-time capacity.

2. Mature and godly character and willing to subscribe to CCC&C’s statement of faith.

3. Masters degree from a recognized evangelical seminary, or Bible college. Previous

experience with children and/or youth required.

4. Have a fervent heart to serve the Lord and congregations, and lead non-believers to


5. If married, have a spouse and family supportive of the ministry.

6. Conversant in Cantonese and/or Mandarin would be a plus.

How to Apply

Primary Contact: Wayne Lee


Phone: 2015278032

Apply Online: View