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Posted: Apr 30, 2024

Application Deadline: Jul 1, 2024


Covenant Theological Seminary

Position Description

POSITION:                                      After-hours On Call Maintenance Persons

PREPARED BY:                             Brian Skamra

DATE:                                               April 29, 2024

AUTHORITY:                                 Appointed by and derives authority from the

Director of Campus Operations and Facilities. Reports directly to the Director of Facilities Maintenance.

OVERALL PURPOSE:                  To tend to after-hours maintenance and facilities needs in a timely manner.


  1. Emergency Response
  2. Housing Duties
  3. Other Duties
  4. Collateral Duties



1.    Emergency Response:

A.   Respond to after-hours emergencies immediately upon request. These include but are not limited to downed power lines, broken windows, floods, power outages, damage due to high winds, earthquakes, fire, etc. Meet and greet the fire department and have necessary codes and information to contact the monitoring company when there is a fire or power failure. Refer to the Seminary’s Apartment Maintenance Procedures form for more information about emergency response procedures.

B.   Stabilize an emergency maintenance situation until normal maintenance can be performed. When necessary (such as with floods) make contact with the appropriate contractor, start work, then pass the project off when the contractor arrives. Contact the Director of Facility Maintenance for any housing emergency and the Director of Operations and Facilities for any emergency in any public buildings or on the Campus Grounds. Inform the Safety and Security Dispatcher when needed.

C.   Rearrange your schedule to accommodate any emergency situations.

D.   Carry and answer the After Hours Maintenance cell phone at all times after normal business hours (8am – 5pm), on weekends, and on Seminary holidays for 2 week intervals. Then coordinate transition of phone to another student employee.

E.    Refer to the Emergency Response Manual for more instructions regarding emergency response procedures.

F.    Perform all work in a professional and safe manner, paying close attention to detail.

2.    Housing Duties:

A.   Fill in for the Resident Manager and/or Security Dispatch when called upon to perform duties such as, but not limited to, assisting residents who have been locked out of their apartment.

B.   Monitor and advise renters of campus rules regarding smoking, alcohol, storage, public hallways, excessive noise, care of apartments, etc. Report problems and conduct issues to the Resident Manager and Security Dispatcher immediately. Refer unresolved housing conflicts to the Director of Operations and Facilities or the Vice President of Student Life.

3.    General Maintenance Duties:

A.   Immediately email the Supervisor of General Maintenance with any repairs/modifications performed in/on non-housing properties.

B.   Attend periodic staff meetings, if necessary, and complete required departmental safety training as needed, during normal business hours.

C.   Report weekly to the Director of Facilities Maintenance, or more often, as necessary, as to what repairs have been made the previous week, if any, in any Seminary housing.

D.   Assist with on-campus events, when needed and available




1)    Possess a helpful customer service attitude, works well with others, organizational skills and attention to detail, ability to confront peers when necessary.

2)    Ability to work with confidential information.

3)    Must live in Seminary housing.

4)    The maintenance on call person is expected to be on campus 26 weeks per year. Time off should always be coordinated in advance with the Resident Manager, Director of Housing, Director of Facilities Maintenance, and Director of Operations and Facilities. Vacation is only allowed during school breaks, January, or summers and with prior approval and only when coverage is available.

5)    Never be more than thirty (30) minutes away from campus, sixty (60) minutes on Sunday to attend church, without an approved substitute in place.

6)    Substitutes to the after-hours maintenance worker must always be trained and approved in advance by the maintenance supervisors.

7)    The after-hours maintenance cell phone must always be given to the Substitute.

8)    Any alterations to the schedule need to be agreed upon by both working parties as well as approved by the Director of Facilities maintenance and/or the Director of Housing.

Salary: Undisclosed


1) Possess a helpful customer service attitude

2) Works well with others

3) Organizational skills and attention to detail

4) General Maintenance Experience

5) Residential Maintenance Experience

6)    Ability to work with confidential information.

7)    Must live in Seminary housing.

How to Apply

Primary Contact: Tim Cole


Phone: 3143924162

Apply Online: View