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Grammar School Principal


Providence Academy
3435 Shawano Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54313



Posted: May 28, 2024

Application Deadline: Jul 15, 2024


Grammar School Principal

Job Description

The Grammar School Principal will serve to help Providence Academy accomplish its mission to partner with parents to raise Godly leaders who will impact the world for Christ. Providence is a 4K-12 private school in Green Bay, WI that has a forward-focused vision to become an innovative leader in the education market through its Christian, classical methodology. Its aim is to produce Godly leaders who impact their communities in lasting ways and are equipped to think and reason critically as they engage the world around them.



  • Supervises the day-to-day operations of the grammar school
  • Monitors the needs of the grammar program and solves problems promptly
  • Organizes various co- and extracurricular activities for the grammar program
  • Schedules grammar school calendar and courses
  • Supervises ordering of general supplies, textbooks, and equipment for the grammar program
  • Oversees placement and readiness assessments for incoming grammar students


  • Follows purchasing policies when ordering grammar materials in order to remain within the budgeted amounts
  • Ensures accurate records are maintained of all orders and expenses related to the grammar program


  • When appropriate, assists the Headmaster in grammar-related development projects and functions.


  • Defers to the Headmaster in all matters of policy, work, and authority
  • Supports board policy and decisions
  • Keeps the Headmaster informed of relevant issues affecting the grammar school
  • Effective in recruiting and preliminary interviewing of potential grammar staff members
  • Acts as liaison between the grammar staff and the Headmaster
  • Ad Hoc member on various board subcommittees, as approved by the Headmaster
  • Follows the philosophy and goals of PA


  • Keeps parents informed of all relevant issues affecting the grammar school
  • Encourages active participation of parents in academic and extracurricular grammar programs
  • Submits written information regarding the grammar school to the monthly newsletter (as needed)
  • Initiates and responds to regular and specific correspondence with parents and patrons
  • Represents the grammar school to the public
  • Is available to meet with parents and others
  • Participates in new family meetings


  • Keeps informed about all instructional aspects of the grammar program
  • Studies areas for curriculum improvement
  • Oversees that grammar faculty are adhering to the curriculum guide and scope and sequence
  • Encourages the growth of the faculty through training, class visitations, workshops, in-service, and onboarding etc.
  • Conducts frequent grammar faculty meetings
  • Oversees and enforces discipline in the grammar school
  • Organizes the administration of standardized testing to the grammar students
  • Maintains and communicates vision for classical and Christ-centered education to staff and students
  • Oversees grammar students with ISP plans and works with parents and specialists accordingly
  • Supervises the reporting and monitoring of grammar student academic eligibility
  • Makes decisions regarding grammar student class divisions
  • Oversees the extended care after school program


  • Organizes and executes a plan for grammar staff evaluation, improvements, makes recommendations to the Headmaster regarding annual job assignments
  • Delegates responsibility as appropriate
  • Keeps his/her staff informed of all pertinent policies and information
  • Is alert to staff morale level and seeks to be encouraging to his/her staff, and other employees
  • Recommends/advises grammar staff retentions, dismissals to Headmaster
  • Participates in regular administrative meetings


  • Displays leadership in spiritual growth 
  • Plans and coordinates grammar assemblies including Grandparents Day, Veterans Day, Field Day, and a Spelling Bee
  • Monitors the overall spiritual maturity displayed by the grammar students and staff


  • Maintains and builds personal and professional development
  • Maintains and displays high standards of personal ethics
  • Represents the school with appropriate decorum
  • Sets a professional example for his/her staff.


  • Cooperates with the Headmaster and contributes ideas for student recruitment
  • Seeks to upgrade the public image of the school and the grammar program
  • Proposes policies for recruitment, application procedures, and admission standards for grammar students
  • Maintains close relationships and necessary communications with local churches
  • Communicates as needed with other Christian and public schools, local businesses, and higher education institutions


  • Enforces and communicates high neatness and cleanliness standards within the grammar classrooms
  • Suggests capital, and other improvements to the Headmaster
  • Suggests grammar classroom allocations to the Headmaster
  • Supports and assists in the overall facility maintenance/use standards for the entire facility

Salary: $30K-$59K



  • Must be a professing, born-again Christian and affirm our statement of faith
  • Must possess an undergraduate degree (Master’s degree is preferred)
  • Demonstrates high personal and professional organization
  • Comfortable speaking in front of groups
  • Team player who is personable, patient, humble, and able to lead well
  • 3-5 years of experience preferred
  • Working knowledge of classical Christian education

How to Apply

Primary Contact: Renee Knaus


Phone: 920-592-0890

Apply Online: View