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Assistant Pastor of Youth and Family

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Redeemer Presbyterian Church Sugar Land
19901 Southwest Freeway



Posted: Jun 3, 2024

Application Deadline: Oct 1, 2024


Position Overview:

The Assistant Pastor of Youth and Family is called to serve the Lord and the community at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Sugar Land, by:

  • Maintaining and developing a comprehensive, biblically based ministry to youth and their families
  • Providing oversight and support to the community group ministry.
  • Assisting the Senior Pastor as needed in general ministry responsibilities.


Youth and Family Ministry:

  • Maintain and implement effective bi-weekly student ministry activities (e.g., Christian education and fellowship)
  • Meet with students to mentor and disciple them in their faith
  • Plan, lead, and organize youth missions trips or retreats as needed
  • Meet regularly with our youth core team in praying and planning for the youth ministry activities
  • Recruit teachers and youth workers as well as provide them with continued training and encouragement
  • Attend monthly staff meetings, along with other members of the RSL staff, to coordinate and integrate the student ministry program with the overall plans and activities of the church
  • Coordinate with Senior Pastor and children's minister to develop and maintain effective ministries for all age groups within the congregation

Community Group Ministry:

  • Provide pastoral leadership and support for the community groups and community group leaders.
  • Recruit and train new community group leaders.
  • Provide support and direction for particular interest groups, like the women’s group and men’s group.
  • Develop and maintain a library of recommended community group resources and bible study guides.

General Ministry:

  • Preaching & worship leadership as requested by the Senior Pastor.
  • Flock oversight and community group involvement.
  • Provide counseling as needed.
  • Assist with pastoral visitation in coordination with the Senior Pastor.
  • Presbytery and denominational involvement.
  • Coordinate with Senior Pastor to continue to develop appropriate outreach strategies.
  • Under direction of Senior Pastor, help teach seminars/classes as needed (i.e. membership class, introductions to Christianity, etc.).

Salary: $60K-$89K



  • Passion for serving the youth and commitment to their spiritual growth
  • Must live out the principles found in Galatians 5:22-26, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4, and Titus 1:6-9
  • Understands that it is a privilege to serve the Lord in vocational ministry and that those who serve God on staff at RSL are expected to embrace a high biblical standard of conduct and lifestyle both public and personal
  • Shows a desire to work hard within the church to further its reach and influence in the community
  • Thoughtful to the diversity of culture found within RSL and the Sugar Land community
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work well with staff and volunteers
  • Good organizational skills and proficient in technology
  • Hospitable to member families and visitors alike
  • Comfortable recruiting youth and adult volunteers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to lead music preferred
  • Masters of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary
  • Ordained or ordain-able within the PCA.


The salary level for this position is a full-time salary


Please submit your resume and a completed application form to Rev. Janas Caruncho at

How to Apply

Assistant Pastor Application


Name: Last: __________ First: __________ Middle:____

Address: ____________________________________________

City: ___________ State/Province:______ Zip/Postal Code:________

Phone Number: ___________ Email: ____________

Date of Birth: __________ Gender: _____ M _____ F.

MARITAL STATUS: _____ Married _____ Single _____ Divorced _____ Widowed


Last:__________ First: __________ Middle: _________


Full Name Age

1. _______________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________


High School: ____________ Dates: _______

College/University/Other: ________________ Dates: ___________ Degree: ___________

College/University/Other: ________________ Dates: ___________ Degree: ___________

EMPLOYMENT (List employment experience for the last 10 years):

Employer: ___________________ Position: _______________

Dates: _______________

Employer: ___________________ Position: _______________

Dates: _______________

Employer: ___________________ Position: _______________

Dates: _______________

*If more room is needed attach addendum to questionnaire.


For those serving at church, at least one reference must be a current pastor at your church.

References will only be contacted with your permission, later in the interview process.

Name: _________________ Relationship: ______________

Address: _________________________________

Phone Number: ____________ Email: ____________

Name: _________________ Relationship: ______________

Address: _________________________________

Phone Number: ____________ Email: ____________

Name: _________________ Relationship: ______________

Address: _________________________________

Phone Number: ____________ Email: ____________

Name: _________________ Relationship: ______________

Address: _________________________________

Phone Number: ____________ Email: ____________

Please attach answers to the following questions to this application.


  1. What would you identify as your passion in ministry?
  2. What are your areas of interest apart from ministry?
  3. Please give a brief summary of your family background and religious background. Be sure to comment on your family life including your marriage and parenting, if applicable.
  4. Describe what you do regarding worship and devotion within your household.
  5. Please tell us the last five books that you found particularly valuable, and why. You may include more if you like.
  6. What kind of support and accountability network do you currently have in your life? How are you garnering support from your congregation, your elders, and others outside the church?
  7. Please comment on any personal history that you may have relating to addictions (substance, pornography, gambling, etc.)? If so, what would you require of us as support in this area?
  8. Please tell us about your theological exceptions to the Westminster Standards or the PCA Book of Church Order.
  9. Have you previously been a part of any other Christian denominations? If so, were there particular parts of their cultures or beliefs that you found to be a blessing? If so, what were they, and how have they been valuable in your walk with Christ?
  10. What would be your vision on how to build community in the context of community groups and in the youth group?
  11. What is your ministry philosophy regarding community groups?
  12. What is your ministry philosophy regarding youth ministry?
  13. What topics would you be most interested in teaching on if you had to lead a seminar? What do you think is most important for believers today to know about God and our faith?
  14. How do see the role of evangelism and local/international missions with youth?
  15. What strategies and programs do you think are most effective in regards to discipleship (growing those already in the church) for adults, youth, and children? Please provide examples of your own experience in this area.
  16. How would you build unity and community among a group of people from varied backgrounds and opposing viewpoints?
  17. What are strategies and programs do you think are most effective in regards to evangelizing (those not going to church) adults, youth, and children? Please provide examples of your experience in this area.
  18. What do you feel should the role of parents and other lay people should be in youth ministry, relative to the Assistant Pastor of Youth and Family?
  19. How would you deal with a community group leader or youth group leader affirming a doctrinally unsound position?
  20. How would you counsel someone recovering from a broken and painful relationship?
  21. How do you explain what sin is to a youth who is an unbeliever in a gospel presentation?
  22. Can you please speak to your interest in this opening? If you currently have a church assignment, can you speak to why you are considering a change?


Do you feel that there is anything else we should consider about you, your background, beliefs, and experiences? If so, you are welcome to attach an additional personal statement. Please do not feel obligated to add something in this spot. This is simply a place for you to engage us beyond the application if you like.

Primary Contact: Janas Caruncho


Phone: 2812013721

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