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Executive Director

Religious | Evangelical Presbyterian Church

St. Patrick Presbyterian Church
710 W White Road
Collierville, TN 38017



Posted: Jan 11, 2021

Application Deadline: Jan 31, 2021






The core responsibility of the Executive Director is to promote, implement and embody St. Patrick’s mission, vision and values via the roles and responsibilities detailed below.

Our Mission is to make disciples who embody Christ in the everyday as we love God, love people, and love life. Our Vision is to see our church as a Garden City on a Hill in the very center of Collierville, both physically and spiritually. We want to see the nations streaming in to receive life and healing, and then flowing back outward to water the rest of the city with all that goodness.

In light of these objectives, we desire to achieve our Mission and Vision by living out our Values:

● Grace is Everything

● Community is Family

● Feasting is Kingdom Work, and

● Heaven is Local

Role Overview

  • The role of the Executive Director (XD) requires an exceptional mix of relational, operational and spiritual gifts to ensure that the efficient execution of business operations, (including many competing priorities), are executed in a highly efficient yet Christ-like approach.
  • The XD is responsible for leadership and oversight of the administrative and operational functions of the church. The XD works across all functions to implement the strategic vision and focus on outward growth, enabling the pastors to devote energies towards leading the body of the church. The XD will serve and guide the other ministry directors and teams, empowering them to expand and improve their programs via administrative standards, fiscal responsibilities, ministerial accountability, and coaching for both staff and ministry partners.

Principal Responsibilities

Executive Leadership:

  • Lead and own the strategic planning process and deliverables.
  • Lead ongoing clarification of mission, vision, values, or other foundational documents with
  • pastoral staff and session.
  • Coordinate and manage the session agendas and calendars with Teaching and Ruling elders and ensure adherence to EPC guidelines.
  • Moderate all executive planning, administration and operational gatherings.

Human Resource Leadership:

  • Lead the Personnel Committee, staff, and volunteers, directly or indirectly, by overseeing HR policy development, maintenance and execution.
  • Guide staffing plans and optimize organizational structures to streamline and clarify reporting alignment and accountability.
  • Work with all supervisors to create and maintain comprehensive job descriptions and role profiles, including success metrics for all roles.
  • Review and oversee all benefit programs, vacation policies, sabbatical terms and compensation/incentive plans.
  • Oversee the design and implementation of the annual Career Development process for all employees.
  • Oversee the structure and operation for the recruitment of new staff.
  • Mentor and counsel staff and ministerial teams to ensure the success of specific projects, missions and/or tasks.
  • Facilitate ongoing collaborative and relational events (such as retreats etc.).
  • Oversee orientation and termination work flows.
  • Continuously seek to ensure HR best practices.

Financial Leadership:

  • Work with the Finance Committee and staff with financial responsibilities to oversee accounting and finance operations.
  • Manage the annual budget process.
  • Work with ministry teams as they develop and manage their respective annual budgets.
  • Oversee timely and consistent financial reporting.
  • Oversee staff training on effective budgeting, RFI/RFP processes, effective procurement and other approaches.

Operational and Facilities Leadership:

  • Develop and maintain best practices for all facilities operations, maintenance and security, providing ongoing guidance as needed.
  • Manage and direct all IT planning, budgeting and scheduling, including sponsoring church- wide technology projects.
  • Collaborate with the Building and Finance Teams in the design, building and financing of major capital projects.

Communications Leadership:

  • Oversee the facilitation of and continuous improvement in the flow of communication among all pastors, ministry staff, Session, ministry partners, and outreach programs.
  • Oversee the development, implementation, and administration of all marketing and communications aspects of the church (digital or otherwise), including branding.

Salary: Undisclosed


Eligible candidates must meet the following requirements:


  • A bachelor’s degree is required
  • A master’s degree or beyond is preferred

Personal and Character Requirements

  • Demonstrated love for Christ, His church, and His people.
  • Ordained as a ruling elder with documented and proven leadership in a particular church.
  • Committed to a Biblical worldview and living according to the tenets of Reformed Theology and the Westminster Confession.
  • Possesses a foundational understanding that churches operate with a spiritual mandate but also require organizational structure.
  • Combines a shepherd’s heart with a business mind with a drive to achieve and maintain the proper balance between ministry and organization.
  • Highly relational, outgoing personality with mature, seasoned people skills.

Experience and Professional Skills

  • At least 7 - 10 years of experience in administration, management, and leadership
  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • Expertise in team building
  • Ability to collaborate and lead within multiple governance and stakeholder groups
  • Ability to develop team leadership, effectively supervising a matrixed, multi-layered staff with specifically assigned roles
  • Possesses strong process skills and strong communications skills
  • Goal-oriented and persevering in difficult situations
  • Ability to connect with and build consensus with a diverse range of people groups
  • Analytical ability to align the with the mission and vision of the church

Salary commensurate with experience.

Complete benefits package includes:

  • Insurance Benefits
  • Medical (individual and family) 100%
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Disability
  • Life
  • Car Allowance
  • Mobile Phone Allowance
  • Annual Vacation
  • Retirement

How to Apply

Primary Contact: Joshua Smith


Phone: 9012192818