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Pastor of Family & Worship

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Posted: Jan 19, 2021

Application Deadline: May 1, 2021


Pastor of Family and Worship: We are in search of a pastor to help new and existing people grow in their faith by fostering a healthy community within our church and to lead our worship teams. Other responsibilities include: preaching, teaching, counseling, recruiting, and being an assistant to the Senior Pastor.


Gibbsville Church:  Gibbsville Church is a growing multi-generational church. Based on the Great Commandment and the Great Commission our mission is To Know God and Make Him Known. We strive to make our church both a home and a mission. A home where we love God, meet people’s needs, and challenge each other to grow spiritually and a mission where we reach new people by sharing our faith. Gibbsville church serves about 550 people and our worship attendance is around 350-400. Our current staff includes Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Director of Children’s Ministries, Director of Media, Pastor of Visitation, and Secretary. Since Covid-19 we have been growing. The increase of new families, both in person and online, has been a great blessing. We need to hire another full-time pastor to help these new people and our existing families stay connected to the gospel and each other.


Our Community:  Gibbsville is a great place to raise a family. Gibbsville is located in the Bible Belt of Wisconsin. About 40% of the people in Gibbsville, Oostburg, Cedar Grove, and Hingham area attend church regularly compared to about 18% in the rest of the state. Gibbsville Church has a reputation of being a very friendly place. Our schools rank very high in the area and there is a wonderful sense of community. Within an hour, hopefully soon, you can travel to a Bucks or Packers game.


Our Worship: Gibbsville Church has a blended worship style. Our services start with contemporary songs and then transition to more traditional music. We've had part-time worship leaders in the past and now we need to hire a full-time pastor to bring consistency and leadership to our worship team.

Salary: Undisclosed


Job Duties: (45-50 hrs/week)


Small Groups and assimilation of new people (15 hrs/week)

●    Cast vision and train people to lead small groups.

●    Help start new small groups.

●    Connect with new people one-on-one.

●    Foster new ways to develop community within our church.

●    Oversee new membership classes.


Worship (12 hrs/week)

●    Craft, lead, and direct all music for worship services.

●    Train and recruit new members for the worship teams.

●    Establish and maintain schedules for worship teams.

●    Work closely with our Director of Media for all Audio and Video needs.


Teaching (8-10 hrs/week)

●    Preach 4-7 times a year.

●    Lead a small group.

●    Teach on special topics when needs arise.


Pastoral Care (5-7 hrs/week)

●    Visit those struggling, lonely, or in crisis.

●    Funerals and weddings when called upon.

●    Provide counseling for those that request it.


Staff/Administration (5 hrs/week)

●    Collaborate with staff and church volunteers.

●    Attend staff meetings.

●    Keep up with communications, emails, facebook, and phone calls.


Personal Profile

The following characteristics are desired in the candidates personal profile:


●    Spiritual Maturity: Loves the Lord and people and is able to admit mistakes and find joy in God’s grace. Meets the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

●    Heart for Outreach and Community: Has a heart for reaching people far from God and those disconnected from church.

●    Musically Gifted: Exhibits the skill needed to lead people in worship and can create an atmosphere of worship.

●    Able to Cast Vision and Lead: We are looking for a self-starter who will also receive support and encouragement from the staff team.

●    People Person: Enjoys people in general and models hospitality and knows how to use their home, school, and general life as a ministry tool.

●    Team Player: Willing to do what it takes with the staff to get the mission accomplished.

●    Embraces Gibbsville Church’s Mission: To Know God and Make Him Known.

How to Apply

Primary Contact: David Krueger


Phone: 9205643434