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Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian
309 Astrachan Ave.
Volga, SD 57071



Posted: Jun 9, 2021

Application Deadline: Oct 31, 2021


Pastoral duties include two Sunday worship services, leading the adult Sunday school, member of the church Session group, outreach to the unchurched of all ages.Administer the Sacrements. Able to engage young people as this church opportunity is near a large university. Visitation of the elderly and home-bound. Be visible in the community and hospitable. Work in these areas would be assissted by the ruling elders. .

Salary: $30K-$59K


Ordained minister or pastor under care of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church or its affliated denominations. Teach and preach the truth of God's word,stand firm when challenged by hostile forces that hate God''s church and those who profess to be Christians.. General social media skills, good writing and voice communication skills. Would consider student under care or Seminary student that would meet OPC guidlines for preaching. Experience is helpful but youmger man could learn and grow under an experienced Sesion and its elders currently in place..

How to Apply

Calvary OPC in Volga, SD is a small but stable congregation united in felllowship and desire to learn more of God's word and truth from a pastor of like conviction. Due to its size, compensation and benefits may not meet other offers to the pastor candidate but would be subsrtantial, and duties required of the pastor would be in proportion to salary offer. Members of Calvary OPC promise our respect and devotion to our pastor and the elders and deacons their assistance and guidance always. Details for a site visit to Volga, SD can be arranged or introduction of the church and leaders by social media. Our address is

Primary Contact: JERE HIEB


Phone: 6056907315

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