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Family Pastor

Religious | Anglican Church of North America (ACNA)

Trinity Anglican Church
7400 S Windermere St
Littleton, CO 80120



Posted: Jul 13, 2021

Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2021



  • Pastor parents as they spiritually form their kids, including regular pastoral care and home visitation.
  • Train parents in habits of Christ-centered parenting, rooted in God’s Word, tailored to childhood development, and in alignment with the Anglican tradition.  
  • Inspire parents by clearly articulating their call as the primary discipler of their children, equipping them through philosophically aligned resources, and commissioning them for the task of parenting. 


  • Participate in weekly staff meetings, regular Ministry Team meetings and other teams as required.
  • Develop a Ministry Team (~3-6 people) to assist in vision and implementation of the Family Ministry. 
  • Encourage the growth in maturity, confidence and competence of all Ministry Team members through an implemented strategy of accountability, discipleship and training.
  • Utilize strong skills in recruiting, retaining, training and caring for children’s education volunteers.


  • Preach or teach when called upon and give announcements regularly, based on personal gifting and calling.
  • Design, champion, and coordinate children’s involvement in, and understanding of, the liturgy and broader life of the church.
  • Connect with new families, to inform and  integrate them into Family Ministry and the wider life of Trinity.
  • Direct special family events, such as the Christmas Pageant, Family Camp, Parent Trainings, Parents Night Out, summer events. 

Children’s Ministry

  • Oversee Children’s Church Vision, Content and Structure
  • Alongside the Rector, create a pathway of formation for families and children, from birth to 5th grade. This should support the overall vision of Trinity and clearly prepare children for their upcoming formation in Middle and High School. 
  • Create age-specific classes to appropriately engage children.
  • Teach in large group settings as appropriate.
  • Develop, communicate and enforce policies to ensure the safety of our children.
  • Communicate needs and concerns with Littleton SDA regarding our common use of space.

  • Oversee Children’s Church Administration
  • Recruit teachers and helpers for all classes.
  • Schedule teachers sustainably with a view to grow and long-term retention.
  • Research, order and distribute curriculum.
  • Oversee sign-in registration.
  • Communicate regularly with parents verbally and in writing, including upcoming lessons, updates, etc.

  • Strengthen Children’s Church 
  • Encourage all teachers and children to be growing in maturity, biblical understanding and relationship with God.  
  • Observe all classes on a regular basis, giving feedback to teachers for encouragement and growth.
  • Ensure continuity of expectations between teachers and students. Each week, every student should know the expectations in the class, regardless of the teacher, and each teacher should know the expectations they have for the students. 
  • Encourage & mentor teachers towards effectiveness.
  • Foster peer-to-peer development between teachers. 

  • Oversee Other Aspects of Children’s Ministry
  • Consult and cooperate with the Youth Minister for integration of ministries and special events.
  • Design and implement special programs (such as VBS) as appropriate.

Salary: $30K-$59K


Minimum Qualification: 

  • Bachelor's degree 
  • Two years employed experience in pastoral ministry
  • Commitment to Anglican Distinctives

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Mdiv or MA in applicable fields: Theology, Early Childhood Development, Education, etc.  
  • Five years of experience in pastoral ministry
  • Ability to be ordained in the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains as either a deacon or priest

How to Apply

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Primary Contact: Tim Soots


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