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Women's Ministry Coordinator


FirstLight Ministries
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Posted: Aug 3, 2021

Application Deadline: Jan 1, 2022


FirstLight Ministries is seeking a Christian woman to join their dynamic ministry team in the role of Women’s Ministries Coordinator. FirstLight Ministries is an Evangelical ministry devoted to helping Christians address the impact of sexual sin on their lives.


The Women’s Ministries Coordinator is responsible for the organization, expansion, and oversight of FirstLight’s women’s ministries, specifically for betrayed spouses and women struggling with sexual issues. The Women’s Ministries Coordinator will lead support groups for women coping with betrayal trauma and/or sexual struggles, spearhead volunteer recruitment, and assist in volunteer training. The Women’s Ministries Coordinator will plan additional events to foster community amongst the women in FirstLight, help promote the ministries, and offer individual care and discipleship when appropriate. She will also pursue and carry out speaking opportunities in local churches and other institutions to raise awareness of the need for compassionate, Christ-like care for betrayed spouses and women struggling with sexual issues. Under the supervision of the Clinical Director, the Women’s Ministries Coordinator will help with curriculum decisions and development, and provide intake interviews for new participants. The Women’s Ministries Coordinator will assist and support ministry fundraising as appropriate and work to cultivate a spirit of generosity within the women’s ministries.

The Women’s Ministries Coordinator will work in conjunction with the Men’s Ministry Director, Men’s Ministry Coordinator, and Administrative Assistant. The Women’s Ministries Coordinator will report to the Clinical Director and Executive Director.


This position can lead to advancement to the Women’s Ministry Director position.


Responsibilities and expectations may change according to future ministry developments

Salary: $30K-$59K



·       Candidates must be a follower of Jesus Christ and a member in good standing of a Christian church that holds to the orthodox view of sexuality-- that sex is limited to a man and a woman in the covenant of marriage. Personal adherence to those teachings is required.


·       Provide a pastoral recommendation.


·       Personal and/or professional experience with spouse betrayal trauma and women struggling with sexual issues is a plus.


·       A Master’s Degree or higher from a Christian Institution (i.e. MDiv, Christian Counseling Degree, Masters in Theology, etc.) is preferred but not required.


·       Be self-motivated and able to work with little oversight. Be willing to work nights and visit with different churches on Sunday mornings when invited.


·       Have strong public speaking skills and a desire to tell people about the work of FirstLight, particularly the women’s ministries.


·       Possess a compassionate and caring disposition.


·       Be eager to be educated on issues pertaining to Christianity, female sexuality, and spouse trauma through independent reading and attending out-of-state conferences and training.

How to Apply


Competitive Compensation based on education and ministry experience. Applicants should submit a cover letter, resume, and if possible, an audio or visual recording of the candidate teaching. Submission by email is preferred.


Send applications to Shari Montague at

Primary Contact: Kristina Cherne


Phone: 6512314935