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Student Pastor

Religious | Independent Baptist

First Baptist Church of Lexington
415 Barr Road
Lexington, SC 29072



Posted: Aug 27, 2021

Application Deadline: Nov 30, 2021


SUMMARY:  Responsible for pastoring the High School and College Student Ministry and provide pastoral oversight to our Middle School Student Ministry; ensuring that our mission is fulfilled and our vision becomes a reality.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: As a pastor, you will set the example of what it looks like to walk with Christ. You have three tasks assigned to you by God (see 1 Peter 5:2-4).

1)    Feed…teach the Word of God. Take every opportunity you can to communicate truth. The Bible is the only book God promised when taught will not return void. When you teach or preach…make it clear, be accurate in your interpretation and specific in the application. What are you asking people to do with the truth you have taught them?

2)    Lead…you are the shepherd…you can’t drive sheep like cattle. Sheep follow and you will want to blaze a trail, provide direction, articulate vision. The speed of the leader determines the speed of the team. The leader must know where he is going and how he will get there.

3)    Reproduce Disciples…the Holy Spirit gives new life but we are to be personally involved in leading people to faith in Christ. As you go about your ministry, be on the constant look out for opportunities to share the Gospel. There is a “go” in the gospel and we need to lead the church in this endeavor. Seeing people saved, baptized and following the Lord is the fruit of an effective ministry.

Under the direction and leadership of the Lead Pastor, you will be responsible to:

•Have a growing, daily walk with Christ. Who you are will speak the loudest.

•Focus on High School and College student ministry activities (Sunday AM Life groups, Wednesday PM discipleship, events to bond relationships). 

•Create a unified leadership process so students can move through the ministry and grow until they reach adulthood (curriculum, age appropriate activities, etc.).

•Cast the vision (there are 5 high schools in Lexington District One and several colleges, universities & technical schools within 20 miles).

•Answer directly to the Lead Pastor for the progress being made and work closely with Pastor of Middle School ministries.

•Communicate God’s word into the lives of your leaders and students. Build the ministry on solid truth. Get them involved in serving the Lord.

•Develop the Student Ministry Team annual budget and managing the High School and College Ministry budget within set spending limits and assigned facilities.

•Provide oversight and direction to various special ministry events/trips which are designed to promote spiritual growth in the lives of our students (examples: retreats, camps, mission trips, service projects, etc.)

•Strategize and plan opportunities for students to invite their non-Christian friends to activities or events that are outreach focused.

•Plan and provide leadership for community service and outreach projects for the youth (examples: car washes, yard work, organized random acts of kindness, volunteering at food banks/homeless shelters, etc.).

•Provide oversight, leadership/mentorship and guidance to the Middle School Student Ministry Pastor in the execution of his responsibilities to the Middle School students and leaders.


•Build and maintain a healthy committed adult leadership team.

•Excellence in High School Student ministry and College Student ministry.

•Carry out mission and vision of FBLex.

•We think it is important that you and your spouse be in a small group where you are encouraged.

•Champion a relationally-driven ministry.

•Partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their families.  Maintain good communication.

•Build and maintain good relationships with students centered on integrity.

•Provide a healthy, vibrant and Godly environment where spiritual growth can occur.

•Good administrator, delegator and coach.

•Maintain 40 hours week as High School/College Pastor. There will be times when you work more hours than this, but be careful not to neglect your family.

•We are asking for a six-year minimum commitment.

Salary: $30K-$59K



•Transformed by Christ, led by the Holy Spirit and a friend of God.

•A deep sense of calling and passion for working with children and students. If married, a wife that shares this desire.

•A track record in developing adult leaders and student teams. Able to relate well with both.

•Works well without direct supervision…a self-starter, demonstrating a disciplined life.

•Bachelor degree required.

•Team player. Able to cooperate and compliment the skills of other paid and volunteer leaders throughout the entire church.

•Proven ability to work with parents.

•Proven ability to teach the Bible accurately (doctrinal truth), creatively and relevantly. 

How to Apply


First Baptist Church of Lexington (FBLex) is a Baptist church whose mission is “loving and living for God” and pointing people to life in Jesus. For the last 31 years, founding Pastor Ralph Schneck has served as shepherd of FBLex, located in Lexington, SC (12 miles outside of Columbia). The church has grown to 900+ people who gather each week for worship. Pastor Ralph has consistently shown an uncommon entrepreneurial spirit, an innate gift of communication and a passion for the people of FBLex. As a community of faith, we are highly engaged in our community and the world in an effort to make disciples. FBLex exists to worship God and grow followers of Jesus who passionately serve with a goal of reaching our community and the world. The FBLex Team of Pastors and Directors serve together to realize a unified mission and vision of equipping disciples to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and be a “hospital” to those in spiritual need!

Lexington is a great place to live and raise a family. It is a rapidly growing area which is expected to see an influx of at least 21,000 new residents by 2021 and an 81% growth rate by 2040!

Lexington School District One ranks eighth in the state with 26,000 students enrolled and adds an average of 533 new students each year.

The FBLex Team is looking for a Student Pastor that has a heart for high school and college students and will develop a healthy relationship with them for connection and discipleship purposes. This position will require someone who is both Biblically sound and Spirit-filled. Their purpose will be to grow the student ministry both spiritually and numerically. We are looking for someone that is outgoing, energetic, relational and a gifted communicator of the Word of God. He must be a leader, collaborator, teacher, administrator, problem-solver and peacemaker. 

The qualified candidate would cast vision, provide direction, recruit, equip and work alongside volunteer teams and other leaders in the ministry. He would be responsible to develop impactful ministry to high school and college students and provide oversight of our middle school ministry. He will develop and empower a team of volunteers who will lead and equip the students so they can serve. He would work with our Mission’s Pastor to develop and encourage student local and global mission opportunities.

Future building plans would allow the student pastor to redesign the current student ministry building to create a fun and learning atmosphere. 

As a part of the FBLex Team, being a contributing team member is essential, therefore the qualified candidate must have the ability to work in a team environment. Four or more years of experience and a bachelor degree in ministry is a plus. Send resume and digital video of your teaching to

Primary Contact: Margo West


Phone: 8039570686