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Posted: Sep 8, 2021

Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2021


From God's Word:

2 Timothy 4:1-5, Titus 2;1-8

From Cornerstone's Senior Pastor Job Description:


I. Worship

a.  Give instruction and oversight to the worship of God in the church with specific attention to the weekend services

b. Oversee the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper

2. Preaching and teaching

a. Preach at weekend services at least 42 weekends each year, and at all special public services of the church, e.g. Good Friday, Christmas Eve, and other services. Exceptions must be approved by the board of elders.

b. Teach the new members' class — frequency dependent on demand.

c. Be willing and available to teach or preach at various ministry events.

3. Leading

a. Supervise the paid pastoral and administrative staff

b. Be a voting member of the board of elders

c. Actively promote and encourage the vision and mission of Cornerstone EFC

d. Exemplify a lifestyle of worship, holiness, witness, and discipleship

e. Facilitate a leadership training program

f.  Represent the church at denominational district or national conferences at least once per year.

4. Caring

O                                    a. Provide pastoral care for the paid staff and shepherds.

b. Oversee the pastoral care of the church

c. Conduct weddings and funerals at his discretion


l . Three weeks paid vacation after one year of service. Four weeks paid vacation after five years of service.

2.   Personal development allowance to be used for personal and pastoral growth at the pastor's discretion. This includes up to two weeks for attendance at conferences or seminars as approved by the board of Elders.

3.   Salary package will include a stipend for health insurance, disability insurance, housing allowance, retirement.

4.   Local travel shall be reimbursed at IRS mileage rates.

5.   Two Sundays allowed for speaking at other churches, conferences, etc.

From Cornerstone's Bylaws:

Section 3 - The Duties of the Senior Pastor

l . The Senior Pastor shall perform all of the Scriptural duties of this office and, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, in conjunction with the Board of Elders shall have responsibility for the pulpit, the teaching during the services of the church, the caring for the spiritual needs of the congregation, and visitation.

2.              He shall be a member of the Board of Elders. He or his designated associate pastor shall be an ex-officio member of all other boards, committees, and other organizations of the church, with the exception of the Compensation Committee.

3.              He shall perform all duties in connection with the work of the church as required by his office, and as shall be delegated to and accepted by him from the Board of Elders. To that end, he shall be empowered to take those actions necessary to perform his duties as delegated to him by the church membership and Board of Elders.

4.              The Senior Pastor shall supervise the pastoral, ministry and church staff.

Salary: $60K-$89K


One of Cornerstone's hallmarks has been that it is a congregation that holds high God's Word and the exegetical preaching of it. We have been blessed in the past to have men that have been careful to preach God's Word accurately and passionately. We are praying fervently that God's sends another man to continue that tradition.

Cornerstone has also been blessed to have men on staff that care deeply about and desire to shepherd this flock. We pray that our next Senior Pastor will not only know us as personally as is possible within a body of 300, but will also desire to be known. While we recognize that it impossible for a Pastor of 300 to have intimate relationships with everyone, we do desire that our next Pastor will endeavor to not only "feed the sheep" , but also know them.

Yet another hallmark that Cornerstone has carried is that of sending. We thank the Lord that He has sent several young men to our staff in the last years, that were and are full of potential. It has been our joy to see these young develop under the Godly direction of an experienced Senior Pastor and leave our fellowship to find the areas of ministry that the Lord has prepared them for. We currently have two young men on staff of this caliber that will not only serve well while here, but will one day, lead well, wherever the Lord takes them. Cornerstone prays that the Lord will send a man willing to invest, encourage, challenge and direct these men of God.

The list of required skills, abilities, and experiences may be a long one if written in it's full measure. However, the ability to cast vision, administration, counseling, and caring are just a few additional skills and abilities that might be added to the qualifications found in 1 Timothy and Titus and the abilities listed above, for our next Senior Pastor.

How to Apply

Primary Contact: gary blakemore


Phone: 3072620383