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House and yard help


I’m just an individual older woman needing help
Maplewood, MO 63143



Posted: Sep 15, 2021

Application Deadline: Oct 31, 2021


Older woman periodically needs some miscellaneous help around the house, not to do it for me but with me, for about three hours at a time. Mostly helping me get organized, catch up with my garden. No special skills needed. Very flexible, can accommodate your schedule. Maplewood. I am vaccinated, will wear a mask, would appreciate the same from you. Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from you.

314-609-2693 Call or text, voice mail doesn’t work. (Maybe you can help me get that straightened out, too!)


Salary: Hourly


No special skills required, just that you are friendly, focused, and organized. Nothing unpleasant, no heavy work. Just an older lady needs some help.

How to Apply

I’m not a morning person so mornings are out. I volunteer at a rabbit shelter Wednesday and Friday evenings but outside of that my schedule is flexible. I do have a rabbit but allergic reactions to rabbits are extremely rare. Even if you can only come once, that is okay, but I’d like to do a couple of sessions a few days apart, then taper off. I recently moved and am having difficulty getting organized. If you can’t help but know someone who can, please let me know. Thank you.

Primary Contact: Alice


Phone: 314-609-2693