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Executive Director/Pastor

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Cornerstone Presbyterian Church
23101 Town Creek Drive
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Posted: Sep 28, 2021

Application Deadline: Oct 30, 2021


The Director of Ministry Development implements the vision and ministry of Cornerstone. The Executive Pastor/Director provides the “Chief Operating Officer (COO)” or “Executive Officer (XO)” function to the church and has oversight of all staff and pastors except the Senior Pastor. If the Executive Director is not ordained, the Senior Pastor retains oversight of Assistant and Associate Pastors concerning the ministry of the word and sacraments.

The director accomplishes this by:

A.     Implementing the vision and goals of the church.

1.      Ensures that the ministries of the church operate within Cornerstone’s ministry plan and annual goals as developed by the Senior Pastor and approved by the Session.

2.      Facilitates excellent communication among the Session, Diaconate, Church Staff, and congregation.

3.      Strategizes for the future by working with staff and leaders to anticipate future needs of the church community, and to design and implement plans to address those needs.

a.      The Senior Pastor is the leader in vision-casting. The Executive Pastor/Director is a collaborator in vision-casting and is the prime mover with the church staff and ministry leaders in aligning all plans and actions with that vision.

B.     Managing and developing ministries in fulfillment of church vision and goals.

1.      Supervise ministry leaders, office staff, and volunteers in accomplishing ministry goals and objectives.

a.      Provide day-to-day supervision of the staff. This includes setting the agenda for and conducting the weekly staff meeting, setting priorities for the support staff, serving as the escalation point and decision maker on operating issues, and providing the real-time objective-setting, evaluation, and coaching of staff (including pastors). 

b.      Assist the Senior Pastor in developing agendas for Session and Congregational meetings and implementing their approved actions.

2.      Develop staff and leaders to flourish in ministry and life through regular coaching, enabling further education/training, and identifying opportunities for movement within our organization.

C.     Administering the day-to-day infrastructure of Cornerstone.

1.      Maximize resource effectiveness by developing and implementing strategies to use our building, finances, staff hours, IT infrastructure, and other resources to their fullest potential.

2.      Manage, create, streamline, and evaluate systems that allow us as an organization to make quick, informed and strategic decisions while limiting distractions and barriers to doing ministry.

3.      Facilitate Cornerstone policy development and implementation.

a.      This responsibility includes assessing and documenting existing policies, identifying policy and/or implementation gaps, and ensuring any gaps are filled.

D.     Other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor including:

1.      While not primarily responsible for worship, if ordained, he may occasionally lead worship or preach at the request of the Senior Pastor.

Salary: Undisclosed


A.     Experience:

1.      No less than five years’ experience and demonstrated growth in church or corporate leadership with direct responsibility for staff and operations.

2.      Familiarity with all or most of the following areas is desired: Staff Development, Human Resources, Information Technology, Facility Maintenance, Finance or Accounting, Communications, Church Management Systems (or industry equivalents), a Reformed theological background.

B.     Skills:

1.      Understands and is able to manage and work with volunteers in a church environment.

2.      Able to train and coach others to carry out ministry through leading staff and teams.

3.      Comfortable leading from a “Second Chair” position under oversight of Senior Pastor and Session.

4.      Possesses strong people coordination, delegation, and organizational skills.

5.      Communicates clearly and professionally through written and verbal media.

6.      Able and willing to stay current on technology, growth, innovation, and church trends.

C.     Character:

1.      Meets the scriptural requirements for an elder (may or may not serve as an elder).

2.      Growing in gospel-centeredness as evidenced by daily dependence on the grace of God in life and ministry, inviting others to speak into his life, and openness about struggles and strengths.

3.      Demonstrated fruit in discipling others.

4.      Biblically handles crises and resolves conflicts.

5.      Able to demonstrate a close working relationship with the Senior Pastor.

6.      Committed to excellence and progress.

D.     Theological Vision:

1.      Understands and lives out Cornerstone’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.

2.      Able to adapt the implementation of biblical convictions to the contextual issues of Southern Maryland of today and the future.

How to Apply

If Interested: Send résumé, Ministerial Data Form, family photo, and philosophy of ministry accompanied by a cover letter to TE Walt Nilsson:

The cover letter should be personalized for this position and should answer 4 questions:

A.     What is your sense of calling?

B.     What gives you the most joy in ministry?

C.     Why are you interested in this position and looking for a position now?

D.     Why do you think you and your family are a good fit for Cornerstone?

About Cornerstone:

Cornerstone exists to glorify and enjoy God by growing a loving body of faithful disciples that is redeeming Southern Maryland and the world for Jesus Christ. We are a gospel-centered, kingdom-driven, prayer-inspired, incarnate, authentic community. Cornerstone is a dynamic congregation of young families with a total membership (adults and children) of ~512, where 40% of our membership have joined by adult profession of faith or reaffirmation of faith after a long absence from church involvement. Pre-Covid, our Sunday attendance averaged about 380 and had grown 58% in the last five years. God has positioned Cornerstone to multiply and send disciples around the globe by locating us in a transient community (50% turnover every three years due to job transfers). Yet, however long God has someone at Cornerstone (on average about 5 years), we believe that they are with us for that season to further the multiplication of disciples, the redemption of God’s people, and the restoration of this community. Cornerstone is also actively engaged in restoring brokenness both around our community through our transformational ministries, and around the world through active missions involvement.

Cornerstone is located in California, Maryland, beautifully surrounded by the Chesapeake Bay, Potomac River, and Patuxent River. Our members are principally employed by the Naval Aviation Systems Command at Naval Air Station Patuxent River (NAS Pax River). NAS Pax River is the US military’s premier aviation research, development, and testing complex, but its workforce, surprisingly, is only 10% active-duty military. In addition, we are located in a county where, according to, 93% of residents have no evangelical affiliation, and 63% have no religious affiliation of any kind. God has positioned us with a great opportunity and calling to make disciples who are redeeming their spheres of influence!

Primary Contact: Walt Nilsson


Phone: 3018625016