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Hope Community Church
1700 NW 98th Ave
Pembroke Pine, FL 33024



Posted: Oct 14, 2021

Application Deadline: Dec 31, 2021


Pastor Characteristics

Gospel Centered

Our city is full of people who are far from God. We want our pastor to lead us in sharing and showing our faith to our neighbors. As a church start up, we have the privilege of being dependent on new life to continue the life of the church. We are turning our focus towards our community and how we can show them the love of Christ. Our pastor must join us in having conversations with unbelievers on a regular basis and encourage the mission of evangelism in our hearts. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost. We are here to continue His mission.

Community Oriented

We want our pastor to be the hub of community at Hope. We envision a friendly person who is gifted at counseling and encouraging. Our worship environment and discipleship process should be relationship based. We want families to feel support and connection. We value relationship development over dynamic preaching.

A Connector

Pembroke Pines is a diverse community. We represent several of the Caribbean Islands, Latin American countries, and several parts of the United States. Our pastor must embrace multicultural worship and promote diverse leadership. We do not want to reflect one culture type, but we want to be a church that reflects all of the diversity of our neighborhood. South Florida has a very strong Latino influence, speaking Spanish is a huge benefit ministering here. Our worship service will reflect the casual Caribbean flavor of our neighborhood. We celebrate often - eat, drink, dance, and talk too loud. Our pastor will be a connector: from the church to the community, from family to family, and from congregation to God.


Jesus has the words of life. Our pastor should lead us into a greater love for and understanding of the Bible. It is the foundation of our relationship with Jesus. It is our guiding truth in a changing culture. We envision our pastor to teach the Bible in such a way that it is easy to understand. We want to apply the Scriptures to our life and be doers of the Word, not hearers only.


Hope Community is a start up church. Our pastor will need to be creative in reaching the community and in implementing the ministry. We will have to accomplish things on a small budget. He will have to pull double duty and lead in many roles. It is likely that he will not be able to study in the office as much as he would like to.His influence will be needed in many areas of ministry to develop volunteer leaders to carry the responsibilities. We promise to serve him in the same way.

Salary: $60K-$89K


Ordained or ordainable in the EPC

Experience in planting or revitalizing would be a plus.

How to Apply

We have the opportunity to establish a gospel centered church in one of the fastest growing diverse communities in America. God has given us deep roots here and a fresh team with a vision for what “can be” in Pembroke Pines. Hope Community Church is a unique opportunity to launch a new church with advantages that most planters would dream of. We have a strong Session, dedicated core team, debt free facility, and a vision. We need a pastor who will shepherd the team, carry the vision, and connect to our community. If you are interested in this calling, please reach out to us to discuss the opportunity.

We are an EPC church in a partnership with Granada Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Coral Gables, FL. They have been providing leadership and financial support throughout the relaunch process and would love to continue a supporting relationship.

Primary Contact: Jeff Sullivan


Phone: 305-487-0306